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Fire Maple Lac Butane Gas Stove


or 3 payments of RM116.33 with

1. High Energy Efficiency: 2300W Strong output for various outdoor cooking,

1L water boiling time: 3’25” (experimental environment).

2. Piezo Ignition System: Built-in ignition, works anywhere in any weather.

3. Portable Compact Design: Powerful in flame distribution; Included storage case with durable top handle offers ease of storing and transportation

4. Pressure-Sensing – Automatically ejects gas cylinders at high pressure.

5. Magnetic Lock System – Simply push the fuel can onto the magnet and it safely locks in place, making it virtually impossible to load fuel can incorrectly.

6. Double Sealing – Comprehensive protection against gas leakage.


Material: Stainless Steel (Pot stand, Burner head), Aluminium Alloy, Copper

Power: 2300W, 178.8g/h, 7848BTU/h

Weight: 1230g, 2.7lb

Size: 214*188*120mm, 8.4*7.4*1.7in

Boil Time: 3min 25sec per liter



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